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Monitors are the electronic visual display for computers and are integral part of computers. However, over the year’s computer screens have changed in shape, size, weight, technology and screen resolution. The initial computer monitors were quite huge, with low resolution, but today we operate on smaller and thinner screens that have great picture quality well-known as LCD and with further advancements made in technology LED were soon introduced.

Having a stunning computer monitor is absolutely essential for designers. It one of their most priced investments because they can clearly not function without a pc display. Apart from this, even gamers love a high resolution computer monitor to get a clear view of their gaming graphics. PC monitors comes in varying sizes so you can decide on the display features that best suit you. As you know that with the tech world anything is possible, so you can connect your computer monitor to your laptop if you need that extra screen or as a duplicate of what’s already on your current screen.

Difference between LED  and LCD.

Most of you maybe unclear about the difference between the two most popular computer monitors of today. There is no great difference between LED and LCD monitors, except for the technology and picture quality. LCD, meaning liquid crystal display came before LED  thus LCD  do not offer you crystal clear graphics like LED . Therefore, if you a designer, video editor or gaming fan then you must go for the LED monitor. LED monitor prices in Pakistan are quite affordable and suitable for those with a low budget.

The online store TechUber.pk has a range of computer monitors to offer you. The LCD monitor prices in Pakistan are great and will fit your budget. TechUber.pk sells PC monitors from some top quality brands such as HP, Viewsonic, Samsung and many more. So update your computer monitor by choosing one from TechUber.pk and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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