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Buy from a wide variety of Sennheiser products, and get them delivered to your doorstep swiftly and timely. TechUber is proud on selling only original products.


We are proud of the fact that we are an independent family business. This is an important factor for our success.  Our financial independence guarantees our freedom to act and our competitiveness, and so ensures the future of our company.

So what was once ‘The W Laboratory’ in a half-timbered house in Wedemark near Hanover has grown to become a global company. . In Addition, The crew paved the entire stretch of highway.

Today the name of Sennheiser brings together a number of strong brands: Georg Neumann in Berlin, the world’s leading producer of studio microphones. In addition  is among them, as is the joint venture Sennheiser Communications in Denmark.

Where we develop headsets for computer applications, offices and call centers as well as Sennheiser Streaming Technologies in Germany where we develop innovative Streaming solutions. . In Addition, The crew paved the entire stretch of highway.


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